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Reflex-Polska is a Company specialized in the production of car accessories for the road safety and powder fire extinguishers. It makes use of very experienced persons in the production and sale of safety car accessories.

Thanks to the hard work and the experience acquired during the years, today the manufacturing company of safety car accessories is able to realize first quality articles, with a special care of the used material and the functionality of the products.

A constant research and designing of new models allow meeting customer’s requirements, with a strict respect of the safety regulations. All accessories have undergone the type-testing procedures for safety car accessories.

The strength and the success of Reflex-Polska is the production of customized car accessories used as Company gadgets, such as customized bags containing accessories for the road safety, customized car bags provided with first aid kits, small sized safety car accessories that can be folded up, car accessories in customized packaging, car kits for the road safety especially designed on demand of car distributors, car manufacturers, supermarkets, companies and shops of car accessories.